Month: February 2020

Wild Wednesday – More China Stimulus Brings Back the Highs

Virus, what virus? 75,282 infected, 2,012 dead, 15,030 recovered and last Wednesday we were at 45,204 infected, 1,116 dead, 5,085 recovered and the Wednesday before that it was 24,607 infected, 494 dead and 988 recovered so, in the past two weeks infections jumped 83.7% and 66.5% and deaths jumped 126% and 80% and recoveries surged 414% and 195%.  Overall […]

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The Multipolar World Economy

The global economy currently is undergoing a great transformation in terms of economic structure, power, and influence. The economies that have been commonly called ” emerging markets” appear to have finally emerged and are coming into their own in terms of their contributions to global economic and financial activity. The international corporate and landscape and […]

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Is There Really a Successful Online Business Building Formula?

Looking for an effective online business building formula? No matter the type of business you have, no matter your market, there are some key factors that you absolutely NEED TO HAVE in place if you want to make your business successful. One of the first is that you absolutely need to make people aware of […]

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